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15 July 2022

Carnival Time!

It has been another great STEAM week in Year 4 this week, with a particular focus on art and learning about carnival!   We started the week by...


8 July 2022

Tooth Sleuths and Fantastic Forensic Science!

It was the first of our two STEAM weeks this week. STEAM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Music. We have enjoyed lots of learning connected to...


1 July 2022

Brilliant bugs and bees!

This week has been all about insects, with a visiting bee expert, detailed insect drawings and create persuasive double page spreads urging people to support bees. In English...


24 June 2022

Super Sports Day!

Super Sports Day!   We have had a great week in Year 4 this week. We have been on a local walk around Eddington and really enjoyed Sports...


17 June 2022

Clever classifiying

Year 4 have had a busy week in the sun! We have been writing in the style of Anne Fine, looking at coordinates and symmetry, classifying living things...


10 June 2022

Exploring Eddington!

Welcome back to the final term of the year. We hope you all had a good half term break. We are looking forward to lots of exciting learning...


27 May 2022

Puppets, Plays and Platinum Jubilee!

And once again we are the end of another wonderful term. Highlights of Summer 1 have been our Caythorpe residential, creating puppet shows and our jubilee celebration lunch....


20 May 2022

Showing off with Shadows!

In Year 4 this week, we have been busy working on our shadow puppet theatres, writing imaginative stories and continuing to build our knowledge of fractions.   In...


13 May 2022

Mirrors, myths and maths

We have been fully in the swing of learning this week, with mirror investigations, myth writing, fractions and painting puppet theatres. In English this week we have continued...


6 May 2022

Marvellous Myths!

In Year 4 this week, we have been learning the story of Perseus and Medusa, practising our tennis skills and investigating light and dark   In Topic, we...


29 April 2022

Caythorpe Residential!

We have had an extra special week, with our Year 4 residential trip to Caythorpe. Many of you saw all of our adventures via our Twitter feed. Activities...


22 April 2022

Year 4 investigate sightings of a mysterious creature in Eddington!

We were delighted to welcome everyone back to school after the Easter break this week and hope that you all had a restful break. We are all very...


31 March 2022

Around the World Event

We have reached the end of a wonderful Spring term. This term has been jam-packed with dance, art, hockey, Spanish, scientist visits, author workshops and many other fun...


18 March 2022

Spices and Chai

We have had another busy week in Year 4. Highlights of week 4 have been experimenting with spices and making chai tea, using magnets to understand more about...


11 March 2022

Planning portal stories!

In Year 4 this week, we have been busy planning portal stories, getting to grips with hockey and learning notation to help us create rhythm patterns we can...


4 March 2022

Division, dips and dance

Despite the rain, we have had another wonderful week in Year 4. Our timetable this term has a vast range of subjects including; Spanish, art, dance and cooking!...


25 February 2022

Spectacular Performance Poetry

We were delighted to welcome everyone back to school after the half term break this week. We hope that you all had a restful break and are feeling...


11 February 2022

Mellow Yellow

We cannot believe we have already reached the end of another half term. As usual, this was a very busy term filled with many experiences including; circuit making,...


4 February 2022

Brilliant Board Games!

We have had another jam-packed week in Year 4 with the highlight being an extra-long topic morning to create board games. During English this week, we have been...


28 January 2022

Circuits and board games!

In Year 4 this week, we have been making circuits, designing board games and thinking about trust in our friendships.   The children have been especially excited about...


21 January 2022

It’s cricket in Year 4!

In Year 4 this week, we have been busy getting to grips with cricket, practising giving very specific instructions and finding out about the dangers of electricity.  ...


14 January 2022

Inventions and Instructions

This has been a great first full week of Spring term which was once again jam-packed, starting our new topics across the curriculum including inventions, cricket, multiplication and...


7 January 2022

Kicking off 2022 with Book Week!

Happy New Year! We were delighted to welcome everyone back to school for the spring term this week. We hope that you all had a restful break and...


17 December 2021

Chickpeas, campfires and Christmas!

What a fantastic final week Year 4 have had, we cannot believe that our first term is already finished. We have all had a brilliant term learning about...


10 December 2021

Frequencies, forest school and festive fun!

We have had a great week in Year 4 this week. As the Christmas holidays approach, we have been getting into the spirit of the season and have...


3 December 2021

A journey to Kensuke’s Kingdom and a trip through the ear!

It has been another great week in Year 4. The children’s fantastic speeches about supporting refugees are finished and we are now working on typing them up so...


26 November 2021

Speeches, sawing and STEM

We have had a wonderful week talking to everyone during learning conversations, alongside exciting activities such as STEM day, speech writing and forest school. This week in English,...


19 November 2021

Kindness, computing and courage!

It has been a short but jam-packed week in Year 4! It was anti-bullying week this week and in our classes, we discussed what bullying is and how...


12 November 2021

Inspiring Individual

This has been yet another busy week for Year 4. We have continued looking at the journeys and experiences of refugees across English this week. We were extremely...


5 November 2021

Phenomenal Forest School!

We have had a fantastic start to the new half term! The children have started their new topics and have enjoyed many exciting learning opportunities.   Our topic...


15 October 2021

Great Greek Salad!

It has been another busy week in Year 4. This week we have continued to develop our knowledge of Ancient Egypt and have worked very hard to finish...


8 October 2021

Rounding and reporting

We’ve had a busy week in year 4! After working hard over the past few weeks finding out information about Tutankhamun, in English we have finished our non-chronological...


1 October 2021

Amazing Artists

Amazing Artists This has been yet another fantastic week in Year 4. We were very lucky this week as each class had the opportunity to contribute to an...


24 September 2021

Adventurous Archaeologists!

It has been another exciting week in Year 4. This week we became archaeologists and explored the tomb of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh. We worked in teams to...


17 September 2021

Exciting Egyptologists

What a wonderful week we have had in year 4! We have launched into our new topic of Ancient Egypt, learning about Tutankhamun and taking part in playful...


10 September 2021

Learning to Learn Week

Welcome back! What a week we have had! The children have come back raring to go and we have all enjoyed ourselves greatly. We wanted to thank you...


9 July 2021

Growth Mindset and Courage

We had a visitor this week who taught us all about the power of positive thinking and growth mindset. Mike Mullen is a BMX world champion and the...


2 July 2021

Sports Day!

This week we took part in Sports Day with Year 3. Even the teachers ran a race! Everyone cheered for each other and was very supportive, well done...


25 June 2021

Arts Week

Year 4 have had a fantastic week this week utilising their creativity and knowledge of the arts to generate amazing ideas and produce fabulous work! We expressed our...


18 June 2021

Adventurers and explorers in the Amazon rainforest

We started the week with a crash – literally! Our text focus is The Explorer by Katherine Rundell, which is a story about 4 children who survive a...


11 June 2021

Propelling STEM forwards in Year 4

This week saw our annual STEM event for the whole school, with a Design & Technology focus. In Year 4, this was lived out through the planning, designing,...


28 May 2021

Our hard work pays off!

This week saw the culmination of a range of different projects that year 4 have ben working on. Firstly, we finally finished writing our stories! These were based...


21 May 2021

Release the imagination: Fashion edition

Our text focus from last week, Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine, inspired our writing this week as we imagined an item of our own clothing which could...


14 May 2021

They woke up one morning in……. Dr Biddulph’s body!

This week we explored the meaning of stereotypes and we reflected on the importance of not judging by appearance. We were inspired by the book Bill’s New Frock...


7 May 2021

Sustainable solutions, fast fashion and daily digestion!

This week was our final week to finish our video messages about Fast Fashion in English. We worked in our triads to create the scripts for our videos,...


30 April 2021

What do plasticine, elastic and weighing scales all have in common…?

… they were all used to investigate scaling in maths this week! Yes, that’s right, our maths lessons took an adventurous turn as we investigated scale factors and...


23 April 2021

Fashion’s Dirty Secrets…

We’ve had another full week of learning with lots of passionate discussions about the environment and how we can all make a difference to our world. In English,...


16 April 2021

An Introduction to Fashion

Welcome back Year 4! We’ve had quite an exciting start to our new term and topic this week. We started our week with… a fashion show! This event...


26 March 2021

…Clouds Before Sun ☼

Can you believe we’ve reached the Easter holidays already?! These past three weeks of in-school learning have flown by! Thank you to all of you for your positivity...


19 March 2021

Rain Before Rainbows…

Our English lessons this week were inspired by a story called Rain Before Rainbows, all about a girl and her pet Fox who go on an adventure together....


12 March 2021

Welcome back, Year 4!

This week we welcomed back our classes with smiles and optimism – it’s been wonderful to get back into our routines again! We are focusing on the PACE...


18 December 2020

“It’s behind you!”

Well, we’ve come to the end of our first term together. Thank you all for your support and understanding, and we hope you have a restful and enjoyable...


10 December 2020

“Make way for the East India Trading Company!”

Using our setting and character description from last week, we continued with our narrative based during the British invasion of India in the 17th century as we focused...


4 December 2020

The British are coming!

Following our research into the British Empire last week, we utilized our knowledge of the era this week in English by starting a story about the British invasion...


26 November 2020

Were the British right to invade India?

We continued with our skill of debating this week, using our topic of Power and Invasion as inspiration. We argued the statement: “The British were right to invade...


19 November 2020

Is school where you learn best?

Short and sweet this week has been, but we’ve been busy learning and doing as always! We embarked on a two-week focus in English, that of debating. Our...


13 November 2020

The Proudest Blue

We continued looking at our topic themes of discrimination, prejudice and injustice this week through the eyes of Faizah, the main character in our text focus The Proudest...


6 November 2020

Power and Invasion!

Our topic launched this week with the introduction of new “rules” in our English lesson… The children were shocked to learn that one table group needed to tidy...


21 October 2020

Physical health week and an end for Ancient Greece

As we finish our first half term together, the year 4 team would like to thank all parents and carers for their support and community spirit over the...


16 October 2020

What’s your superpower?

Continuing our immersion into the world of the Greek gods this week saw us imagining what our superpower would be if we travelled back in time and were...


8 October 2020

The Lost Chapter

We became authors of ancient history this week when we wrote our own lost chapter to Odysseus’ story. After being washed up on a strange island, we used...


2 October 2020

Ancient Greek Clay-Modelling!

We journeyed along with Odysseus this week, from the Sirens we found ourselves choosing between the whirling vortex of Charybdis and the 6-headed Scylla! Using sentence openers to...


25 September 2020

Singing Sirens…

This week we explored Odysseus’ journey, focusing on expanded noun phrases in English and building our vocabulary through the story of Odysseus and the Sirens. We also read...


18 September 2020

Adventuring into Ancient Greece

This first week we have been busy learning about our new topic Ancient Greece. Please find our focus vocabulary for this half-term Topic Vocabulary Ancient Greece. We delved...


11 September 2020

Learning to Learn Week

Welcome back, parents and pupils of UCPS! We’ve started a new academic year together after several months of online learning, and our classrooms are full of wide smiles...


10 July 2020

The Rescue! (w.c. 13th July)

The Rescue! Welcome to week 3, the last week of your ‘UCPSpace’ project learning and the final week of your online learning before the holidays! Hooray! You have...


3 July 2020

Crash Landing! (w.c. 6th July)

Crash Landing! Welcome to week 2 of the ‘UCPSpace’ project learning! We hope that you enjoyed the launch of our new learning projects last week! The anticipation is...


26 June 2020

Lift Off! (w.c. 29.6.20)

We Have Lift Off! This week, the University of Cambridge Primary School is embarking on a three week project that will culminate in the children meeting their new...


19 June 2020

Learning Links for w/c 22nd June

Hello everyone. Welcome to a new week of your online learning! Messages for the Week Premier Sport have very kindly offered to send us some fitness and exercise...


12 June 2020

Learning Links for w/c 15th June

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new week of your online learning. Please see the sessions below to link you to your learning for the week. Messages for the...


5 June 2020

Learning Links for w/c 8th June

Hello everyone! Please see below for all of your learning links for the week. Although we have numbered the sessions, please feel free to go at your own...


31 May 2020

Learning Links for w/c 1st June

Hello everyone! Welcome back to your online learning! We hope that you had a lovely half term. Please see below for all of your learning links for the...


15 May 2020

Virtual Learning for w/c 18 May 20

Dear Year 4 Welcome to the new week. Mental Health Awareness Week Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 18-24 May 2020....


11 May 2020

Virtual Learning for w/c 11 May 20

Dear Year 4 Welcome to the new week. Here is an uplifting video shared by Mr Smith. You could use this as a prompt for a P4C discussion:...


2 May 2020

Virtual Learning WC 4th May

Good morning Year 4 You will be sent a daily email from enquiries@ with the  UCPS YouTube videos for each day’s learning. This blog page will be updated...


26 April 2020

Virtual Learning WC 27.4.20

Good morning Year 4 You will be sent a daily email from enquiries@ with the  UCPS YouTube videos for each day’s learning. This blog page will be updated...


18 April 2020

Virtual Learning WC 20th April

Welcome back to online learning with Miss Janes and Mrs Bullen-Smith.  We hope you and your family kept safe and had a lovely Easter break. Our new topic...


31 March 2020

Easter Holiday Blog

Dear Year 4 Families, It is vitally important you get a good break over Easter. The following activities are provided for you to dip in to should you...


27 March 2020

Virtual Learning week commencing 30 March 2020

Good morning Year 4 You will be sent a daily email from enquiries@ with the  UCPS YouTube videos for each day’s learning. This blog page will be updated...


22 March 2020

Virtual Learning for the week of 23 March 2020

Good morning Year 4 Update  READING: check out! We have set you up with an account and you will find a tutorial link and your class code...


13 March 2020

STEM week

Wow! What a fun filled week it has been. We have been non-stop enjoying a range of creative lessons inside and out. Inside, we have produced different types...


6 March 2020

Sound science and snuggling with stories

Brilliant learning in science this week as children investigated how sounds are made and how the effect of vibration can be seen and felt. It was lovely to...


28 February 2020

Around the World in 80 Days

This week we have immersed ourselves in the story Around the World in 80 Days. In our new learning street we have thoroughly enjoyed getting creative while discovering...


14 February 2020

All about books…

By a Nile Reporter: All about books… It is Book Week! This week we’ve been working on characters from ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers. Nile Class has...


7 February 2020

From our own correspondent

From our own correspondent in Nile class: In English this week we have finally started to write our speeches!  We started on Monday with our introductions and on...


31 January 2020

Guest editor

This week’s blog is brought to you by a guest editor in Nile class: Swimming This week at swimming Year 4 had the longest lesson yet.  This was...


25 January 2020

Museum of Technology

We have had a busy but fantastic week this week, with our second lesson of Forest School, Swimming and of course, the highlight of our week, our school...


17 January 2020

Swimming and Sandwiches, Forest School and Fun

Amazon had a fabulous start to Forest School with great team work and exploration.  Nile were den building and making mobiles this week. Both classes started swimming lessons...


10 January 2020

Welcome Back

Happy New Year. Thank you again for all the extremely generous gifts we received at Christmas, it is very much appreciated. It has been drunk, spent and eaten...