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21 January 2022

Would you swap a 10p coin for ten 1p coins?

What a great week of learning we had in year 1. Teachers and learning coaches were really amazed with all your hard work this week. This week we...


14 January 2022

A jar full of happiness…

…and a week full of smiles! We have had a wonderful week in Year One thinking about all the things that make us happy and creating our own...


7 January 2022

Book Week

Happy New Year, we hope that 2022 keeps all families healthy as we continue to bring exciting learning to your children.


17 December 2021

Happy Holidays!

Wow! What a fantastic finale to the Autumn Term! The Year One children have worked so hard throughout this term and we are very proud of their positive...


10 December 2021

Wait… is 2+3 the same as 3+2?

  Wow! Another fantastic week in Year One. The children have made the adults in their classes very proud this week because of their super attitudes to learning....


3 December 2021

How to Wash a……what….?

Wow! Another fantastic week in Year One. The children have continued to show their super attitudes to learning. This week we used our ‘Scientific’ brains to test materials,...


26 November 2021

We are engineers!

Wow! Another fantastic week in Year One. The children have made the grown ups in their classes very proud this week because of their super attitudes to learning....


19 November 2021

Letters to the Lord Mayor

Wow! What a wonderfully busy and productive week we have had in Year One! We have continued to think about the buildings of London in 1666. We decided...


12 November 2021

It all started on Pudding Lane…

What a wonderful week in Year 1! We started the week with a little show from the teachers about the Great Fire of London to help us understand...


5 November 2021

Fire! Fire!

We have impressed our teachers with our learning behaviours after returning from half term….we are so enthusiastic with our learning! We have enjoyed learning some information about The...


22 October 2021

Our Little Boat Adventure…………Where will it take you?

In English, we have been impressing our teachers by writing our own adventure stories about a little boat, who encounters a problem as it is sailing. We have...


15 October 2021

Through the magic door…

We have had another wonderful week in Year 1. We have all been impressing our teachers with our hard work and super attitudes to learning. During English we...


8 October 2021

Sunrise to Sunset

We have had another wonderful week in Year 1.  During our Science lessons this week, the children have been learning about how seasonal change can affect daylight. We...


4 October 2021

Sssh! Listen, what’s that noise?

It’s Year 1 impressing all their adults with their wonderful learning this week! This week the children have been practising a class poem, using the pattern ‘Sssh! Listen,...


18 September 2021

Setting Sail in Week 2

This week we began our first week of topic-based learning in Year 1 and we have been so impressed with the way children have engaged in the journey...


10 September 2021

What a Wonderful Year 1 Beginning!

We have had a truly fantastic first week returning from our summer holidays and transitioning into Year 1. We are so grateful to all our families for how...


14 July 2021

Learning Conversation Resources

Just a brief mid-week blog to share the compilation of resources suggested in children’s school reports and discussed at learning conversations, we hope you find these useful to...


11 July 2021

The Encyclopedia of Dragons

What a fantastic dragon-filled week we have had enjoying the beautiful illustrations of Jackie Morris’ book Tell Me a Dragon. Thank you to all the families who attended...


4 July 2021

Tell Me a Dragon

What an exciting and inspired week of learning we had as we move between fact and fiction, following the children’s interest in mythical creatures. English: We used the...


25 June 2021

Arts week

Wow! What a wonderful week we have had in Year 1! The children have engaged really well with all the Arts activities on offer this week. These are...


21 June 2021

Arts Week Ahead!

This week we’ve delved even deeper into castles and non-fiction, working to create our own booklets with facts about a newly discovered castle, we’ve been practicising our special...


12 June 2021

Medieval Mayhem and Magnificence

This week we stepped back in time to the Middle Ages, a time of castles, monarchy, dragons and knights. We began our learning with a ‘topic launch’ where...


1 June 2021

A Fairytale Ending to Summer 1

We’ve finally made it to our well earned half term holiday. This term has certainly been one of growth and change in line with our topic From Bean...


14 May 2021

Fee Fi Fo Fum!

Fee Fi Fo Fum, what wonderful learning the children have done! This week we have been exploring the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. In English we have...


9 May 2021

Jack and the Beanstalk

What a wonderful week we have all had! Year 1 have impressed us with their creativity and dedication to learning. We have continued to focus on our topic...


30 April 2021

Dear Diary

In school this week we have had some exciting discoveries. Many of our plants have started to grow and we have been learning about all of the different...


23 April 2021

Exciting Adventures

It has been a busy week, with our Forest School adventures, our skipping week challenges and the creation of our very own seed packets. We have been working...


17 April 2021

Food glorious food!

Our summer term has officially begun and we have had a wonderful first week back with all of the Year 1 children! This week we have launched our...


29 March 2021

Happy Easter, Spring has Sprung!

What a busy three weeks we have had since returning to school. It’s been a fantastic time it has been for reconnection with our friends and across all...


29 January 2021

The adventure continues…

What an exciting and adventurous week we have had! Our Super Happy learning has been full of amazing writing, mathematics, scientific discoveries and beautiful art. Next week our...


21 January 2021

Online Learning: Super Happy Magic Forest – Slug of Doom (Week 4)

We hope you enjoyed engaging in the beautiful celebration of words and their importance this week. Our learning next week will take us to a very different world,...


18 January 2021

The Lost words WB 18th January 2021

We hope you enjoyed your week of space inspired online learning, we are excited to launch our next week of online provision with a book called ‘The Lost...


9 January 2021

Online Learning Week 2: The Way Back Home

We hope you enjoyed our first week of online learning, we are excited to launch our second week of online provision with an adventure into deepest darkest space...


4 January 2021

Online Learning

The Fox and the Star booklet


18 December 2020

Merry Christmas

Well, what a wonderful term it has been! Well done to all of the children in year 1 for there enthusiasm, passion and engagement. Next Term Our exciting...


12 December 2020

Wonderful Writers and Festive Fun!

We have had a fun-filled week immersing ourselves in the depths of the rainforest, creating our own original stories about a family who have moved there. We have...


4 December 2020

Woolly Mammoth Madness!

As the days begin to get colder and darker, we are still so impressed with the children’s energy and enthusiasm for learning. In English this week we immersed...


27 November 2020

This week has been bananas!

This week we have gone a little bit bananas with instructions! We have discussed what instructions are, why we use them and what they can be used for....


21 November 2020

So many questions….

This week has been short but sweet! In English we have been focusing on questions and being able to identify the difference between a question and a statement....


13 November 2020

Poems, running, balance and lots of fun.

This week we delved further into our new topic ‘The Dark Side’ exploring poetry linked to the dark. In English we have learnt about rhyming words through poetry...


6 November 2020

The Dark

Wow! What a fantastic first week back – we’ve delved enthusiastically into our new topic ‘The Dark Side’ exploring different activities that we like to do in the...


24 October 2020

TTFN Heroes and Hello Dark Side!

Our final week of our heroes topic has finished with an adventurous ending. We journeyed into a world of imagination and wrote our own original Traction Man stories,...


16 October 2020

Storytellers and (Real Life) Superheroes

What a wonderful week filled with stories and (real life) superheroes! Here is our week in sum: English: This week we delved further into our Traction Man adventures...


2 October 2020

A caption for Traction (Man)

This week we have continued to follow the adventures of the wonderful and exciting Traction Man. We have writing caption for Traction Mans adjectives and labelling his equipment...


26 September 2020

Traction Man: The Adventure Continues…

This week the children have been following the adventures of the wonderful and exciting Traction Man. They have explored a range of interesting adjectives and have used some...


18 September 2020


This week the children have had lots of fun exploring our new topic Heroes. We were very lucky to have a special visitor – a real life paramedic...


11 September 2020

What A Wonderful Week!

What a phenomenal way to begin our new academic year and our exciting new adventure as Year 1s! The children have settled in well and embraced this week’s...


21 July 2020

Unlock challenges and Readiness for Year 2

Dear Bumblebees, Dragonflies and Butterflies, We wish you a wonderful summer break with your families and we hope you find time to rest, re-charge and explore the great...


10 July 2020

Wb: 13th July 2020 ‘The Rescue’

Welcome to the finale of the ‘UCPSpace’ project learning! We hope you survived the crash landing last week and are ready for the grand finale rescue mission! This...


9 July 2020

Sapling planting- Growing our school forest

Last week some Year 1 children helped to plant saplings in our forest. We learnt how to identify types of tree and how to carefully plant them into...


3 July 2020

WB: 6th July 2020 ‘Crash Landing!’

Welcome to week 2 of the ‘UCPSpace’ project learning! We hope you enjoyed the launch of our new learning projects last week. The anticipation is building, we hope...


26 June 2020

W/b: 29th June The Launch… 3,2,1, Lift off!

This week, the University of Cambridge Primary School is embarking on a three week project that will culminate in the children meeting their new class teacher at the...


19 June 2020

WB: 22.6.2020 ‘Fractions and Action Scenes!’

A Message from Corona by Charity Tedder and Leighton Noyes Explore this online e-book resource which supports parents and children at home to understand ‘Coronovirus’ through E-book resources Monday...


12 June 2020

WB: 15th June 2020 ‘Refugee awareness week and thinking deeper about multiplication’

Welcome to the Key Stage 1 Learning blog for this week with special focus on ‘Refugee Week’ Monday 15th June sees the beginning of Refugee Week 2020. However, to...


5 June 2020

WB: 8th June 2020 ‘Grouping equal amounts and understanding our emotions’

Dear Children and Families, Please note the online learning resources will look slightly different for the rest of this term. A suggested timetable for learning is outlined below,...


22 May 2020

Welcome back! ‘Creepy crawlies and investigations, what will you discover? 1.6.2020

         Year One ‘Unlock Challenge’ link: Unlock Challenge Y1 Session 1: English / Phonics combined: This week in English we will be focusing on applying...


15 May 2020

Counting in 5’s and time to get active in gymnastics!

Session 1: English / Phonics combined: This week in English we will be focusing on applying some of our phase 5 alternative spelling into our writing. We will...


7 May 2020

Following Instructions 11.05.20

Session 1:  English: This week we are thinking about instructions, we are linking our learning from ‘Robot instructions’ to instructions we follow in everyday life experiences. Watch the YouTube...


1 May 2020

Robot Adventures 4.5.2020

Session 1:  English: This week, you will become Authors and write your robot fantasy story. Today, we need to plan our stories so that we are ready to write...


24 April 2020

The Adventures of the Robot 27.4.20



17 April 2020

Fantasy worlds and Robots W/B: 20.04.20

Dear Children and Families, Welcome back to online learning with Ms Bates, Miss Tatler and Miss Tutchener, we hope you and your family kept safe and well during...


31 March 2020

Signs of spring and Easter- Wednesday 1.04.20

Good Morning Year 1 Children and welcome to Wednesday’s learning challenges! Can you see any blossom in your garden or out of your window? ‘Why do these trees...


30 March 2020

Signs of spring and Easter- Tuesday 31.03.20

Good Morning Children and welcome to Tuesday’s learning. The beautiful signs that spring has sprung! We hope you get some fresh air and bounce around like these happy...


27 March 2020

Signs of spring and Easter- Monday 30.3.20

Good Morning Year 1 children and welcome to today’s learning all about signs of spring, Easter celebrations and 3D shape. Phonics : This week we are continuing to...


26 March 2020

Fairy Tales and 3D shapes Detectives : Friday

Good Morning children and families and welcome to Friday 27th March! We hope you are keeping yourself well and keeping your brain active! The caterpillars from Butterfly class...


25 March 2020

Fairy Tales and 3D shapes Detectives : Thursday 26.3.2020

Hello Bumblebees, Butterflies and Dragonflies Welcome to today’s learning, we will continue to deepen our learning in Fairy Tales and 3D shapes. Phonics : Today we have recapped...


24 March 2020

Fairy Tales and 3D shapes Detectives : Wednesday

Hello Bumblebees, Dragonflies and Butterflies. Welcome to today’s learning, we will continue to deepen our learning in Fairy Tales and 3D shapes. Watch the welcome message from Miss...


23 March 2020

Fairy Tales and 3D shapes Detectives – Tuesday

Good Morning Year 1 Children and welcome to today’s learning all about Fairy tales and 3D shape! Watch the morning message with Mrs Bates to see how the...


21 March 2020

Fairy Tales and 3D shapes Detectives – Monday

Hello children, welcome to the new way of online learning at UCPS! We hope you enjoy learning with us. You can watch short lessons on our Year 1...


13 March 2020

STEM week!

What a fantastic week we have had in year one exploring our outdoor areas and learning all about the wildlife and nature in our school grounds! We have...


6 March 2020

Non-Chronological Reporters!

English: We have been non-chronological reporters this week, learning to identify animals by their physical features, what they eat, their habitat and interesting facts about them. Can your...


28 February 2020

Animal researchers!

We have had a great first week back in Year 1 exploring lots of facts about animals. We have discovered all about the different types of animals and...


17 February 2020

The Green Lady

  We have had a fantastic Book Week this week! In Year One, we have been getting to know our character from the story ‘Here We Are’ by...


7 February 2020

We all live in a yellow submarine

This week we have continued to explore the swinging 60’s. We learnt about protests and why people do them, we related this to current protests like the fight...


31 January 2020

The heart and the…

This week in English, we have been creating our own versions of the Oliver Jeffers story “The heart and the Bottle.” The children thought of their own location...


23 January 2020

The Swinging Sixties Fashion Design!

English: Our key text this week was ‘The Heart in a Bottle’ by Oliver Jeffers. During our English lessons we learnt to identify what a problem is those...


17 January 2020

Happiness for my family…

English: We continued to explore the key text ‘The Jar of Happiness’ in more depth with a purpose to write a poem about our family. First we looked...


9 January 2020

Jar of happiness!

Happy New Year! The children have had a great first week back to school, we have enjoyed hearing all about what they have been up to over the...