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1 July 2022

Little Red Met Lots Of Familiar Fairytale Friends!

Yet another fabulous week for Meadows! We have thoroughly enjoyed continuing to build on our map making skills for Little Red’s journey and also learnt how to program...


24 June 2022

Oh What Big Eyes You Have…..All The Better To See You With!

Meadows have had another creative and fun filled week! The traditional tale of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ has given opportunity for lots of creativity and debate! We have...


10 June 2022

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff And I’ll Blow Your House Down!

What a fantastic start to the second half of the Summer Term! Meadows have returned to Nursery super happy and full of energy! We have began with the...


27 May 2022

UCPS Jubilations!

Magnificent Meadows, we are so proud of you all! What a wonderful  finish to this first half of the summer term! Today we took part in our whole...


20 May 2022

Run Run As Fast As You Can…….!

The Gingerbread Man This week, Meadows have continued to enjoy another Traditional Tale – The Gingerbread Man. We have learnt all about different root vegetables and enjoyed using...


13 May 2022

Who Will Help Me Plant The Grains Of Wheat?

This week, Meadows have continued to enjoy another Traditional Tale – The Little Red Hen. Not very many children were familiar with this wonderful story about a hard...


6 May 2022

Fee Fi Fo Fum!

What a fabulous start to this week! Meadows have had  a wonderful time sharing the Traditional Tale of Jack and the Beanstalk! We have learnt about colour mixing...


30 March 2022

Farewell Spring Term-Welcome Summer!

Apologies for incorrect closing time on last weeks blog. School closes at 1.30pm Thursday 31st March. Our final week, filled with lots of joyous learning through plenty of...


25 March 2022

The Cat Went Woof and The Dog Went Meow!

This week magic Meadows have embraced the challenge of creating their own ‘mixed up animals.’ There have been some brilliant creatures; can you guess which two animals are...


18 March 2022

With a Moo Moo Here And A Quack Quack There……

With a Moo Moo Here And Quack Quack There…… What a ‘Moovelous ‘ Week for Meadows! Spring is in the air!  We have been extra busy making the...


11 March 2022

Ladybirds All Dressed In Red, Strolling Through The Flower Bed….M. Fleming

Amazing Meadows, we continue to be so proud of you all! This week, we have gone from slimy snails to lucky ladybirds or ‘Coccinellidae’! We discovered that ladybirds...


4 March 2022

‘Even A Snail Will Eventually Reach It’s Destination’- F. L. Wright

What a truly busy week it has been for Meadows! This week, we have gone from wriggling last week to slithering this week! Yes, there has been a...


24 February 2022

There’s A Worm At The Bottom Of My Garden

A warm welcome back everyone! We are now half way through this academic year already! Meadows have had a wriggly start to the second half of this term,...


28 January 2022

Spirals Everywhere!

Another delightful week filled with ore and wonder! Meadows have been super excited learning about the effects of stormy weather and have especially enjoyed discovering all things ‘spiral’!...


21 January 2022

“Life is like a cloud; fluffy, beautiful and illusionary.” – Ananya

This week, Meadows have been on cloud nine! They have been super excited to learn all about clouds and have especially enjoyed listening to and contributing to a...


14 January 2022

A snow crystal is a letter from the sky. – U.Nakaya, Japanese scientist

Meadows are ‘snowamazing!’ What a chilly feel this week! A fantastic full week discovering all things snow and ice! We thoroughly enjoyed creating our ‘family of snow-people’ using...


7 January 2022

A Very Happy New Year to All Our Families!

  Welcome back everyone! What a wonderful start to the Spring Term. Meadows have returned to nursery with such excitement to get started and play with friends again....


17 December 2021

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle All The Way….

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle All The Way….  Farewell Autumn Term!  What a fantastic finale to the end of term for our little Meadows this week! There has been a hive of activity as our Meadows became Santa’s Elves, working...


10 December 2021

Xylophones Glockenspiels Glissando!

Xylophones Glockenspiels Glissando! Wow! Yet another super fun packed week for Meadows!  We have been super busy getting into the ‘Animal Carnival’ spirit and moved our bodies to...


4 December 2021

Lights! Camera! Action!

We are super proud of our Meadows this week, they have been absolute superstars with all their acting, filming and singing!  Meadows have worked incredibly hard this week...


25 November 2021

Let The Music Take Control!

Meadows we are very proud of you all because you are all amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed tuning our ears into various classical tunes by famous composers and discussed...


18 November 2021

Whizzy! Whozzy! Whoo! I’ll Turn You Into A………!

Wow! What a magical four-day week for Meadows and we are super proud of you all! We thoroughly enjoyed our first trip out to watch a Magical Pantomime...


11 November 2021

Pirouette! Plie! Pas de Chat! Voila!

What a fabulous week Meadows have had! We are super proud of you all! Thank you to all the grown ups for encouraging your children to be super...


5 November 2021

Together We Light Up Our World!

Welcome back everyone! What a delightful start to our second half of the Autumn term, it was wonderful to open up our doors and receive such warm smiles!...


22 October 2021

Pumpkin Pickers!

Well done everyone! We have made it through the first half of the Autumn term! Once again, we are super proud of our little ‘Meadows’ this week! We...


15 October 2021

We Can’t Go Over It, We can’t Go Under it, Oh No!………

We are super proud of our Little Meadows this week! We have been following our children’s interests and have been finding out about different kinds of Bears, black...


7 October 2021

Let’s Make Faces!

October 7, 2021Once again, we are super proud of our little ‘Meadows’ this week!We have had a wonderful week exploring and finding out about the various sounds that...


1 October 2021

Under The Sea

We are super proud of our little ‘Meadows’ this week!We have had a wonderful week exploring sea creatures and other animals. Thank you to everyone who has added...


24 September 2021

New Nursery Beginnings!

What a fantastic time we are having in our new Nursery Class ‘Meadows’. It has been wonderful to welcome you all and exciting to hear all the positive...